Immigration Courts Reopening

Immigration court is reopening after COVID closures, keep up to date on changes.

​Immigration courts in Sacramento and San Francisco reopening on Monday, September 28, 2020. With the reopening of the courts it is up to those who have court to present themselves for the hearings. The court holds you accountable for showing up to your scheduled appearance.
Hearing Notice
The hearing notice lets you know when you are supposed to show up to court. With the courts being closed for six months, it is important to watch for an updated hearing notice. If you have not received an updated hearing notice you may call the court hotline with you’re a number found on your Notice to Appear. The court phone number is 1-(800) 898-7180.
If you miss your hearing you will automatically lose your case. This is called being removed in absentia. This means you missed your court date and were ruled to be removed by default. This is why it is so important to keep your address current with the court so that you do not miss your hearing notice.
Current Address
The court requires that you keep your address current. This is your responsibility! If you have moved since you received your Notice to Appear you will need to update this new address with the courts.
You will want to keep this address up to day so that you do not miss out on receiving the hearing notice discussed above.
Proposed Rule Changes
There are multiple proposed rule changes to the court working their way through the review process. One of these proposed rules will make it required to file for asylum within 15 days of your first court hearing. Even if you present at the court and the judge allows time for you to find an attorney, that will not extend the amount of time for your filing to take place.  This was under proposal you will need to follow up and ask the court, or your attorney, what steps you need to take. Do not lose out on your rights! Follow up, ask questions and do not delay!
If you need assistance with your case, we offer free consultations to discuss your options. Call our office at (916) 917-5217 to set up a free phone consultation. 


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