Updates to United States Citizenship and Immigration Office (USCIS) office visits for COVID.

​United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) has begun to reschedule appointments around the country. The first interviews for USCIS Sacramento after closing down started taking place two weeks ago. Based on our experience, we wanted to make sure you understood what it now looks like to attend an interview with USCIS.
Remember your mask, safety first!
Entering USCIS
When you appear at the appointment, you will arrive 15 minutes early as the appointment letter from USCIS says to do. After entering the security of the federal building, you will approach a check in desk in the lobby to confirm your interview time and whether you have had any symptoms or come in contact with anyone else who has been ill. If you are early, wait for your time, as you will be instructed to leave until your appointment is 15 minutes or less away.
There are lines on the floor to follow and circles to stand in while you wait to ensure social distancing.
At the Sacramento USCIS office, all chairs in the waiting room have been removed to prevent contamination. The appointment time above is meant to ensure that no one has to stand for too long before being called back to their appointment.
USCIS Officer’s Office
Once the officer calls you back to their office, you will be seated across a desk from the officer. There is a clear plastic partition between the officer and yourself.
You will be asked to remove your mask to verify your picture identification, then you may put your mask back on. All efforts are made to ensure the room, chairs, fingerprint readers and touchpads are kept clean and sanitized.
Exiting the USCIS Office
Upon completing your interview, there is a specific path to walk out so that you are not passing by those in the waiting room or those who are entering the office for their interview.
Follow the marked paths and you are on your way to safely completing your USCIS interview!
If you are uncomfortable with your upcoming USCIS appointment and you would like to have a practice interview, review your materials or have an attorney accompany you to the interview, Schach Law Group offers these services.  Call us at (916) 917-5217 to discuss your options. 


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